Swine Production

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to manage purebred hogs in a commercial setting. All hogs are fed well-fortified corn/soybean meal/premix rations. No Paylean is used.

The Red Hill herd is pseudorabies and brucellosis qualified free in the state of TN. This herd is free of PRRS and should meet the health requirements for shipment anywhere in the world. The sows are vaccinated for parvo, lepto and erysipelas. The pigs are vaccinated for erysipelas. This herd has never had TGE.

We believe in linebreeding to improve genetic consistency and predictability.

We value the reputation and integrity that we have continued to develop and maintain for over 30 years. As a result, many hogs are sold sight unseen to customers who have gained trust in our selection of breeding stock for them.

“The Red Hill Farms breeding and selection program has been and continues to be focused on the profitability and success of our customers.”

– Bart Jones

Our Goals & Objectives


Red Hill Farms Durocs are used to consistently sire groups of uniform offspring that perform well for commercial producers and are acceptable for the packer and consumer.

Selection Criteria

  • Growth Rate
  • Carcass cutability
  • Real Time ultrasound for BF and LEA
  • Carcass quality
  • Feet and leg structure and soundness
  • Aggressiveness of boars
  • Hardiness, livability and vigor of pigs



Red Hill Farms Landrace and Yorkshires are designed to be used for maternal line genetics

Selection Criteria

  • Number born alive
  • 21-day weights
  • Sow longevity
  • Udder quality
  • Structural correctness and soundness
  • Growth and carcass traits
  • Disposition

Our History

Red Hill Farms have a long history of purebred swine production. The herd consists of elite nucleus herds of Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire sows and boars. Hogs merchandised to numerous commercial customers and purebred breeders and breeding stock has been sold to 28 states and several foreign countries (Japan, Mexico, Canada and Italy).

Duroc herd established and known as J.C. Jones & Sons
Landrace herd established.
J.C. Jones retired and Bart Jones returned from college.
Yorkshire herd established from a herd whose genetic program had been directed by Gordon Jones since 1981.